Agfa APX 100

The Agfa APX 100 had the honor of being both the first roll and black & white film in the Bessa. And with that being said, I really had no expectations for this film other than the hope I had loaded it correctly and that it received proper exposure. šŸ™‚

At $6.50 a roll through B&HPhoto, it certainly isn’t the cheapest black and white film available. But my plan is to go through each and every roll of film that is available on the market (I really do), take photos, develop them, scan them, and present them to you. I’d like this blog to serve as an area of discussion and reference on the different types of film available and the opportunity to see how the film looks.

To be consistent, I’ll continually try to shoot in aperture priority with no exposure compensation. Yet I will say the metering on the Bessa is center weighted and can be off, which I’ll adjust manually. Also, each roll will be developed by a professional lab here in Chicago and scanned in via the Wolverine SNaP negative film scanner. (a review on the scanner to come later)

The subjects, more often that not will probably involve my wife and daughter. šŸ™‚ I do enjoy street photography and if time permits (I’m stuck in an office 8-5 M thru F and busy with a toddler on the weekends) I’ll be sure to incorporate more of that style into these posts.

The photos…



If anything, it’s clear that 100 speed film is at it’s best in full bright sunshine/daylight. And as I compare this to other black & white rolls in the future, I’ll have more critical review with regards to grain, colors, shadow/highlight details, etc. Now that we have a baseline for black & white film, we’ll see how the roll hold up to its competitors.