Our Lakeshore Adventure

Over the weekend, we took our 18 month old to the shores of Lake Michigan for the 1st time. It’s something that I’ve personally been looking forward to for quite some time, but for whatever reason, it took us longer than we had anticipated to get her out there. It’s not far fetched to say that most babies born in FL, within months, are baptized in the salt waters of the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Figuratively. Not literally. 😉 Yet 18 months, to us, is far too long. And hey, parenthood is a full time job. 🙂

As I excitedly packed the car and prepared for our morning out on Foster Ave beach, which is a short skip and throw from the friendly confines of our neighborhood, I was already running through my mind a specific image I wanted to capture from our time there. I’m a big fan of black and white photography and it was a gorgeously cloudless, sunny day…perfect for shadows. Deep, dark, contrasty shadows.

The angle of the sun was still early on the horizon, casting long shadows going from east to west. Ideal, yes. However, the best way to capture that moment would be with my back to the shoreline and the camera facing to the park and scattered skyline beyond the sands and trees. Hmm, less than ideal.

The little nugget was too fast for me. I was working with a fixed prime lens, no zoom, and trying to get myself to keep with her was proving to be difficult. Moreover, the background is too busy with the not too aesthetically appealing buildings and distracting people. But I knew then that this would be the type of shot I was looking for.

At this time I needed to open up the lens as wide as allowable and get  more shallow depth of field. I needed to create some separation between her and the distracting items off in the distance.

Doubling back to what I considered the perfect spot…


Nailed it.

Free as a bird.

One proud papa. 🙂