A Moment in Time

I’ve recently got back into film photography and more specifically black and white film. There is something to be said about going the analogue route…it is both simple and timeless.

Simple: ISO, shutter speed, aperture; click.

Timeless: the images b&w film can create.

Don’t get me wrong, for it can be an entirely frustrating experience as well…but it’s entirely worth it. My foray back into b&w film also involves the mixing of chemicals required to develop and create the images trapped within my roll. I took a leap of faith and bought all the equipment needed to develop b&w film, which cost me no more than $150. And no buyer’s remorse here. Developer, stop bath, fixer; I love ’em.

I dislike using cliche statements, yet the feeling I get after removing the film from the developing reel, sliding my fingers down the film to squeegee the remaining water, holding the negative up to the light, tilting my head and admiring my organic creation…is pure gratification. I’m hooked.

Last Saturday night I brought my Voigtlander Bessa and 40mm f1.4, a roll of Ilford HP5+ pushed to 800 speed, and myself to downtown Chicago for some evening photography. No distractions. No menus. No chimping. Simply focus, compose, and click.

My frustrations; I’ve learned the Bessa underexposes by a full stop during night photography. Lesson learned.

Yet the part that was worth it…a timeless photo.