Good ol’ 6×6

My Girls

This shot was taken the day before our big move from Chicago to Atlanta…and I remember this moment as if it were yesterday.

The weather had not been agreeable the previous few days for Mother Nature gifted us with non-stop rain, cold temps and dreary grey skies. And more than anything, we simply wanted to experience just 1 more day of classic Chicago summer weather…upper 70’s, dry and cool. Albeit, early, summer weather. 😉

The ‘Second City’ was kind to us, as was Mother Nature. It was a crisp, dry, open your window, hang your linen kind of day. It was perfect.

Moments before this photo was taken, we had just finished our last Chicago supper, via take-out, from our favorite Thai restaurant in a little garden of a church at the corner of our block. We enjoyed the weather, reminisced, laughed, told stories, talked about Polar Vortex 2014, friends we’ll miss, our new challenges in a new city, her new job, my new career, and more.

And this image, I feel, perfectly encapsulates that day and our time in Chicago…a happy, wonderful and joyous experience…with an eye upward and skyward for new experiences to come.

We miss Chicago and our friends dearly, but our new adventures in Atlanta have only just begun.