Slides of My Father : Fisher Boys

It would be 10 years ago this past July that my father passed both suddenly and unexpectedly. The days and weeks following my dad’s death was awash in a sea of tears, confusion, healing, closure, legalities…and unbeknownst to me, the cleaning out of all or a large majority of my father’s photographic slides. Or so I was told, many years later.

My dad was an avid amateur photographer, which turned into, in his later years, a full fledge profession. And during those years, say about 35 years or so, my father accumulated a large collection of slide/color reversal film. Slides that included of a time when my parents lived in the UK, from old Formula 1 racing photos, to family vacations and everything in between. To think that these were discarded, gone, memories forever erased…was, how can I put it, distressing.

This past March, I flew down to Miami to assist my mom with an old storage unit that was costing her a pretty penny per month. My goal while there, was to either completely clean out the unit or downsize to a cheaper, smaller unit. At the time, I knew from my mom that there may be a few personal items left from my dad’s photo collection. I wasn’t expecting much.

My poor mother, I can’t even begin to fathom what was going on in her mind and within the world around her shortly after my dad’s death. I can only assume those painful memories are stored, locked and filed away within the deepest, darkest crevices of her brain. And I can’t fault her for thinking that she might have thrown away my father’s most prized possessions.

As this photo will show, they were not. And not only were they not thrown away, but there were boxes of slides. An avalanche of slides…along with tears gently rolling down my face.

This image was taken via Kodak Kodachrome (I believe) while my parents lived in the UK, just outside of London. They moved there shortly after my mother got pregnant with my oldest sister. The color photo is the original image that my dad had scanned onto a CD all these years ago…the b&w edit was done through Silver Efex Pro.