PPL of ATL – 01


This is Mitch, and I met him while out shooting at Old 4th Ward Park. There was a concert taking place at the Masquerade, and I caught him jamming away with his trumpet along a wall just outside the entrance. We chatted for a few minutes and I discovered that he brings himself and his trumpet to venues where events are taking place, with the hope of earning a couple dollars. He said on a good night, he can earn anywhere between $20-$30.

He moved to Atlanta from New Orleans in ’96…our conversation was a bit fragmented, but did uncover that he went back to New Orleans shortly after Katrina to help family and friends. That visit didn’t go well. Additionally, he came from a large family with himself being the oldest of many siblings…with two of his siblings being quite successful within the Atlanta area. A brother of his became a banker with BofA and a sister works for the CDC. I’ll say, this doesn’t surprise me for Mitch was quite articulate with his words.

As for him and his trumpet, they’ve been together since he was 7 years old. In this photo, Mitch is 65 years young. If you catch a chance to see him play, be sure to live him a dollar or two.