PPL of ATL – 02


Belt Lines #41

Saturday Luncher, Jerry

Baby Boomer, drinker of hefty cocktails

Ash hair inherited from his ad-man father?

He’s a stroller. If parking’s not handy he will not hike. 

Enthusiastically, “I’ll come every week and bring friends. 

You’ll be the post luncheon entertainment.”

He doesn’t, he doesn’t disappoint. 

I was one week’s distraction, 

Not a weekly commitment, 

a poetical bite, not an epic banquet.

His choice for dining has been serving for 87 years,

An Atlanta institution

I’m new, a 16 month landscape recitation. 

As read to me by Lee Butler, aka Bardess of the Beltline. You can find her with a new poem every Saturday, rain or shine, on the Beltline at the North Ave overpass from 1:00 to 3:00pm…between Kroger and Ponce City Market. She is a retired high school English teacher and this is her way of giving back to the city of Atlanta. Her works are her own. Not political, nor religious. So take a moment to stop and listen.