PPL of ATL – 05


This is LaToria, and our paths happened to cross on the Beltline. She was using our city and it’s skyline as backdrop for a music video she was shooting that afternoon…and she was gracious enough to allow me to take a quick portrait of her during a break in production.

I will say the lighting was harsh, for the sun was directly overhead and not the most suitable for portraiture. 

And as luck would have it for me, I was in the presence of a celebrity…she’s been on NBC’s hit show, The Voice, and has shared platforms with many other music artists, too. Her genre is Christian Hip-Hop.

– Outside of God and Christ, who or what was your big inspiration to pursue this career path?

“My inspiration to pursue music and this career path was the culture and a lack of positive examples of women in it. Unfortunately more often than not, the women in hip hop culture are seen as sex objects and not people. I wanted to take the gift G-d has given me and add some substance and an example of a woman of faith and dignity to the genre and subgenre. Women like Queen Latifah had a HUGE influence on me growing up. She commanded an audience, respect and made dope music, all while being fully dressed. My aim is to be an example similar to that, for the next generation with my faith at the center of the music I make.”

You can find LaToria here…

Website – www.latoriamusic.com

Instagram – www.instagram.com/latoriamusic

FB – www.facebook.com/latoriamusic

YouTube – www.youtube.com/LaToriaMusic1

At a minimum, you’ve got 1 new fan. 🙂