Who Am I?

A photographer that is Atlanta based and Miami bred.

A big city guy that quit the 9 to 5, to pursue a photographic passion to change the tide.

Strictly film. Strictly B&W.

A question I often get is, how did I get into photography? And my answer is that it’s really something I’ve been exposed to and been around for much of my life. My father was an avid photographer, and I grew up in a home where I was constantly educated about cameras, lenses, film, slides, projectors, computers, printers, data, terms, aperture, light and composition. And at the time, I always felt like that was my dad’s thing, and really wanted to be my own person. Yet, I always appreciated and enjoyed the arts…be it drama through middle and high school, to poetry classes and music camp during the summer. Any kind of creative medium was something I was attracted to. It wasn’t until my wife and I began to travel more frequently, that I felt it was the right time to invest in a high-end camera. Which soon led to compliments, to favors, to family portraits, to weddings and to now, a full-time profession. 🙂

For inquiries about shooting weddings, portraits and other events, please contact me at mikemcfoto@gmail.com, for I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Turkish Tea
Cheers! from Istanbul, Turkey