Why B&W Film?

Film and digital photography each have their own purpose and use. And I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, they’re just different. There’s an aesthetic, artistic and emotional quality to film that I love…it’s organic, and achieves a look that’s distinct from B&W digital photography. The grain, it’s classic look and documentary/story-telling feel, along with it’s wide diversity of tones and contrast from white, to grey, to black…are just some of the reasons why I enjoy the process of film photography. Plus, there’s silver halides in B&W film!

With that said, my style of photography is that of a photo-journalistic/reportage theme. My approach to your big day is to present a story via a photographic narrative that perfectly encapsulates your wedding from beginning to end. To put it one way, I see myself more as a guest to your wedding, documenting the candid moments that unfold around me.

Do I participate in group shots? Not necessarily. I leave that to the digital photographer…but I do catch the interactions taking place between the wedding party, the photographer and those of your respective families and friends. The main photographer will be hyper focused on you and your partner (as they should be! 😉 ), whereas I will look to catch the subtle moments and synergies of those that are a part of your busy, beautiful day.

Lastly, along with the emotions that looking at b&w film evokes, it’s print qualities are second to none. Digital photographs, whether it’s color or b&w, are printed via an electronic ink-jet/laser-jet printer. However, b&w film is done through a darkroom as a photographic print. There’s something to be said about the sentiments one can get from holding an 8×10 print…the tactile feel, artistic look, and different shades of grey and blacks…are a sight to behold. And more importantly, all prints are custom made by hand in the darkroom myself. 🙂